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Competition Guidelines Qualification Round

Guidelines for the Dish

  • Theme: Sustainability. Choose a local main ingredient from the region you are living in and create a dish that puts in value (highlights) this main ingredient. Focus on a creative & modern visual presentation of your dish.
  • Create a minimum of 2 portions of the dish
  • Create a simple spread sheet for the dish stating:
    • name of the dish
    • name of the main ingredient
    • recipe for the dish based on minimum 2 portions (ingredient – quantity – unit)
    • preparation method including explanation of chosen cooking technique
    • picture of the final plated dish
  • You must be able to fully prepare this dish in a maximum of 40 minutes (excluding time for mise en place*)
    *mise en place: A French term for all operations carried out by the chef in the preparation of a dish prior to serving the dish
    This includes:
    • chopping / cutting methods of herbs, vegetables, fruits, etc.
    • long term , slow cooking methods e.g. 24, 48, …hours of cooking methods
    • preparation of sub-recipes such as stock, fumets, consommes, smoking, marinating, curing or sub-recipes that
    must rest or cook for several hours
    • collecting, weighing & portioning of ingredients used in the dish
    • De-boning of meats, poultry or fish

Guidelines for the Video

  • Produce a short and simple video of maximum 5 minutes
  • The video can be in form of a short film or picture slide show
  • The video must include (show):
    • short introduction of yourself
    • introduction of the dish including information about origin or history and an explanation why you chose this dish
    • the complete spread sheet of the dish (see guidelines for the dish)
    • coverage of step-by-step preparation, cooking process and final plating
  • Technical guidelines for the video:
    • file format: MP4
    • preferred resolution: HD1080P
    • file size should not exceed 200MB
    • video name must be in this format: FIRST NAME_LAST NAME
  • Upload the video to during the submission period (01.06.-01.07.2021)
  • Videos submitted before or after the submission period will not be taken into account for the competition


  • On 24.07.2021 the 6 finalists will cook the same dish as presented in the submitted video during Qualification Round (using the same
    ingredients for a minimum of 2 portions). Cooking and presentation method may differ based on the feedback from the mentors.
  • Finalists will cook live in their home kitchen
  • Time Frame: 40 minutes live cooking (excluding mise en place)
  • Finalists will cook and prepare the dish without (physical) help from additional persons (help by additional person is only permitted
    for assistance with the video stream if necessary)