Guidelines for the Dish:
 Theme: Sustainability. Choose a local main ingredient from the region you are living in and create a dish that highlights this main ingredient.
   Focus on a creative and modern presentation of your dish.
• Create at least two portions of the dish 
• Create a simple spreadsheet of the dish
   • Name of the dish 
   • Name of the main ingredient
   • Recipe for the dish based on at least two portions (ingredient – quantity – unit) 
   • Preparation method including explanation of chosen cooking technique
• Picture of the final plated dish
 You must be able to fully prepare this dish in a maximum of 40 minutes (excluding time for mise en place)

Guidelines for the Video:
• Produce a short and simple video of maximum five minutes
• The video can be either a short film or a picture slideshow
• The video must include (show): 

   • Short introduction of yourself
   • Introduction of the dish including information about origin or history and the reason you chose this dish
   • The complete spread sheet of the dish (see guidelines for the dish above)
   • Coverage of preparation, cooking process and final plating 

• Technical Guidelines for the video : 
   • Preferred file format: MP4
   • Preferred resolution: HD1080P
   • File size should not exceed 200MB
   • Video name must be in this format: FIRST NAME_LAST NAME
• Upload the video to this website during the submission period (click on UPLOAD button below)

Disclaimer :
• By submitting the video the participant agrees to:
   • Give Swiss Education Group the permission to license and use the images/video in any media for any purpose (except
     pornographic or defamatory)  which may include, among others, advertising, promotion, marketing and packaging for any product or services. 
   • Give Swiss Education Group the permission to combine the images/video with other images/video, text and graphics, and to alter, modify or crop the images/video. 
• By submitting the video the participant acknowledges that all rights to the images/video will belong to Swiss Education Group 
Qualification Round has closed. Thank you very much for your overwhelming participation. 
Anton Mosimann
OBE, Chef, Entrepreneur, Montreux, Switzerland & London, United Kingdom, ‘Culinary Icon’

Pooja Dhingra
Celebrity Pastry Chef, Author, Entrepreneur,  CEO of “Le15” patisserie,  India, Alumna of Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland
- Matthew Downes
Corporate Chef at Mane, Vouvry, Switzerland, Founder of Vegan Chef Consulting

— Franck Giovannini
Head Chef “Restaurant De L’Hotel De Ville”, Crissier, Switzerland, 3 Michelin Stars

Vladimir Mukhin
Head Chef and Co-owner “White Rabbit”, Moscow, Russia, No.13 in “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” listing in 2019


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